RECOVR Weighted Blanket

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RECOVR Blanket

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When we'd put our son to bed at night, he would feel abandoned and cry. The blanket makes it feel like he's being hugged and he now goes to bed much easier and stays asleep through the night. 


I was diagnosed with ADD over 22 years ago and I've always had trouble sleeping. Now, when I go bed, sometimes I wake up in the exact position. Best thing about that, when I wake up, I know I got a great night's rest.


I like being cuddled and I love having multiple blankets on me. Now, instead of having 10, I just need one. 


A Product to Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Bring Your Body to Rest Faster and Stay at Rest Longer


Its Inner shell is designed with breathable 100% cotton to keep you cool during the summer and the removeable plush minky cover will keep you cozy during winter months